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Multiple booking - one already confirmed

I booked one vehicle and waited 1 full day without reply back, so I booked 2 more bookings. Onw booking os now confirmed right now bur the others are in waiting stats... How can I cancel the booking while two of the bookings are still on hold~? I am afraid I should pay cancellation fee for the two other bookings for nothing (same schedule so I cannot use those vehicles at the sale time). It was my first booking experience in Mighway so I am maybe mistakenly booked multiple, but plz help me for the sake of new user ~~ Confirmed booking # : SKKC180225L_B7 Pendind booking 1 : Owner: Ben | Vehicle: Betty - 6 Seater Pending booking 2 : Owner: Cameron | Vehicle: 2 berth Deluxe Roadie
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Hi Sheon Kim,

Thank you for choosing Mighway. I see you have now got a confirmed vehicle for your preferred travel dates. If you are making a booking request it is advisable to make one request at a time. You can make multiple requests for vehicles, however, if you do decide to make multiple requests' and you are only looking to confirm one request/vehicle then it is important to explain this to the owner of the vehicle when submitting a request. This is to avoid getting a number of confirmed bookings. 


Mighway team.

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