No one rents a vehicle expecting to need insurance, but accidents do happen and Mighway has you covered.  Mighway has a partnership with Camper Care, specialist RV Insurance Company.

For Mighway Owners: while your motorhome is being used by Mighway guests, your vehicle will be covered by the comprehensive Mighway/Camper Care motorhome insurance cover. This is provided by our insurance partners. However, you must ensure you maintain your private insurance at all times to cover your motorhome when it is not being used by Mighway guests.

For Mighway Guests: to ensure you are adequately covered to protect the interests of the motorhome owner, all guests are required to purchase the basic accidental damage cover, which is provided by Mighway. This insurance is charged on a daily basis.  We encourage all guests to upgrade to our ‘Peace of Mind’ cover. This includes comprehensive on-road support and financial protection, including coverage for broken windscreens, tyre blowouts, vehicle breakdowns, etc.

By booking through Mighway, a guest is automatically covered and charged at the time of booking.

Mighway does not take a bond from your credit card.  However, there is an excess or deductible.  The amount of the deductible is different depending on which insurance option you choose (see table below).

This means, should there be an incident on the road that is covered by the policy, the guest will pay Mighway an amount up to their excess (deductible) and the owners vehicle will be covered by our Mighway/Camper Care policy.

View the full policy here.

Risk TakerPeace of Mind
 Accident Damage Liability $4,500$500
 24/7 Roadside Support HelplineYesYes
 Alternative vehicle organised in the event of breakdown or accidentNoYes
 Cost covered for tyre repair/replacement in event of a puncture/blowoutNoYes
 Cost covered for jump-start or flat battery replacement NoYes
 Cost covered in the event of misfuelling (i.e. diesel in a petrol tank)NoNo
 Windscreen repair costs coveredNoYes
 Accommodation in the event of breakdown or accidentNoYes