The insurance covers the vehicle if it is damaged in an accident. The insurance does not cover:

  • mechanical or electrical breakdowns
  • general wear and tear to the vehicle
  • rebooking into other vehicles
  • accommodation or travel disruption
  • lost days (i.e. vehicle in a workshop), 
  • loss of personal items
  • if the vehicle is stolen
  • if the vehicle is damaged in a natural disaster

Our Peace of Mind Insurance does cover alternate vehicles, accomodation and selected mechanical issues. Please read your terms & conditions carefully to know what is and is not covered.

Please note, we recommend you purchase personal travel insurance to cover costs unrelated to your motorhome, to cover any unforeseen circumstances such as those mentioned above.

Please view the Guest Terms and Conditions here, and the Insurance Policy here.

For information on what happens in the event of a breakdown, please see