This article will explain the full booking process, and will answer questions like "What does Instant Book mean?" and "How do I book and Add-On?"

Here are a few tips to make your booking process easier:

Step 1:

Search the Pickup/Drop off Location, Select the dates and click on search.

Step 2: 

-Select number of guests that will be traveling.

-Optionally, filter results by transmission, vehicle type, self-containment, max price, and instant booking availability.

-Select a campervan.

Step 3:

-Make sure selected dates are correct.

-Choose your preferred insurance coverage - click the link to find out more.

-Add any optional Add-ons (see bottom of page)

-Select "request a booking".

Step 4:

-Create a new account through Facebook or by entering your details, OR Login with Facebook or with an existing account by clicking "Login".

Step 5:

-Confirm your choice of insurance coverage and click proceed.

-Enter your license details, and add another driver's license details if applicable.

-Confirm your insurance.

-Enter travel details.

-Read the terms and conditions and click agree. 

-Request/confirm a booking. 

    Requesting a booking:

Please note that you will only be charged if the host accepts your request, but in the case of an Instant Booking, you will be charged as soon as you click confirm booking.

What is an instant booking?

If a listing says "Instant book" it means your booking will be processed instantly, instead of the standard 48 hour window. These are vehicles managed by Mighway, so the owner does not have to accept the booking, it is instantly accepted by Mighway on the owner's behalf. This means you will be charged as soon as you click "confirm booking". 

What do the coloured calendars means?

The coloured calendars indicate the availability of the vehicle. Green means it's available for the full amount of time you've selected, orange means it is booked over part of your selected date range, and red means it's booked for the entire date range.

What is an Add-On and how do I add one?

Add-Ons are an additional service to add to your trip. This includes having an additional driver insured, having an international license translated, and (in New Zealand) the Monteith's Brewery Experience, and an Okay2Stay Membership. 

-To book an add-on, scroll down to the "Addons" section to view add-ons.

-Within the add-ons section, you can then click to read more about each service, and then click "Add" to book that service along with the vehicle.

How do I find out the vehicle specifications?

-To learn more about the vehicle, you can read the "Vehicle Details" section.

Happy booking!