When picking up a vehicle, you will either be picking it up directly from the owner, or from one of our managed partners who store the vehicles of multiple owners. You will then return it to the same location.

When picking up and dropping off a vehicle, you will need to allow extra time for the processes that have to completed. At pick-up, we recommend you allow approximately one hour to learn how to use the vehicle, complete pick-up forms etc. At drop-off, we recommend you also allow one hour to complete forms, conduct checks for vehicle damage etc. You will not be able to pick-up/drop-off and go straightaway, so allowing this extra time is especially important if you have a flight to catch. 

We recommend to pick up and drop off within daylight hours to allow a throughout inspection by owner and guest. If an owner uses the Mighway Inspection app, the guest will receive an electronic copy via email (email address to be entered during pick up). If an owner uses the paper inspection forms, we encourage the guest to capture the pick up form by asking for a copy or taking a picture.