Mighway has a Collision, Theft, and Fire damage program in place to protect your vehicle whilst your vehicle is under the control of Mighway or a guest that has booked a vacation in your vehicle using the Mighway booking platform.

In the event that the Guest causes damage to your vehicle and the Mighway Guest damage Program does not respond, Mighway provides an Owner Guarantee to protect your vehicle.  The Mighway Owner Guarantee guarantees your vehicle will be repaired and returned to you undamaged. In situations where it is uneconomic to us to repair your vehicle or your vehicle is stolen (and remains unrecovered for more than 30 days) the Mighway Owner Guarantee will make a cash payment to you that is equivalent to the current market value of your vehicle.

In the event that the TH2connect, LLC incurs costs for damage to your vehicle as a result of the actions or omissions of the guest which invalidate the Mighway Guest damage Program, TH2connect, LLC and/or the Mighway Guarantee program administrator has the right to pursue the guest for all such costs. By allowing us to repair your vehicle or by you receipting payment under this guarantee you agree to cooperate with TH2connect, LLC and our administration agents to support legal action against the guest to recover these costs. This may include (but not limited to) making sworn statements or appearing in court and any other actions that may reasonably be required.

Please note:

  • Neither the Mighway Guest Insurance Program or the Mighway Owner Guarantee protects your vehicle against fair and reasonable wear and tear.
  • If your vehicle is damaged by a guest and your vehicle is unable to be repaired in time to meet subsequent bookings confirmed at the date/time the damage occurred, Mighway will not be responsible for the income you would otherwise have received.